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The Ultimate Product Fundraising Guide for Non-Profits

We’ve discussed Choosing a Winning Fundraising Product for your Team before however there is much more behind successful fundraising campaigns than choosing the right product. This is such an important topic for school administrators, PTO/PTA leaders, and non profit groups that it is worth taking a deeper dive.


Prince of Peace Early Education Center Preschool Fundraiser

This month we interviewed group leader, Sandra Bower and Amanda Khemraj, Preschool Director, Prince of Peace Early Education Center about the preschool fundraiser and their experience working with Fun Pasta Fundraising.


Woodstock Academy Music Dept Sings Fundraising Success

One of our favorite things at Fun Pasta Fundraising is helping groups to achieve their fundraising goals.  We’ve learned with every group, there is a story behind the fundraiser.  It’s the story and the people that we love.  It keeps us using our noodles to continuously raise the Fundraising bar to improve our fundraising products […]


Fun Pasta Personalities: Meet Dubi Babic

Ever wonder about the people behind our delicious pastas?  Who the person is on the other side of the phone when you call? 5th in our Pasta Personalities Series: Meet Dubi Babic!!!! My job title is… I wear many different hats here. I am the receptionist, accounts receivable/payable, customer service and office supply. I’ve been […]


Stepping Stones Learning Center featured Fundraising Group

The Stepping Stones Learning Center was one of our Fall Sweepstakes winners and is our featured fundraising group. Here is their fundraising story.


Elementary School Fundraisers|Get ALL Students Involved

Elementary School Fundraisers use incentives because they work. Get all your students involved by using proper incentives and social motivation.


Pasta Personalities: Meet Stephanie Kinturi

The 4th in our Meet the Team series, Pasta Personalities: Meet Stephanie Kinturi, our Marketing Noodle. Blogging, social media, email newsletters and more…


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